Monday, August 3, 2009

Mommy Math

So I have figured out that when it comes to motherhood, more really is less. More kids equals less money, more babies equals less sleep, more family equals less food, and more bodies to dress means less clothes for mommy. Of course there is always the positives side to those things. There might be less money to spend but we have gotten more creative for fun time and the in-laws have us over for dinner at least once a week to help out. We're not that broke but it is GREAT to not have to cook a meal. There might be less sleep for mommy, but daddy has risen to the challenge of a new level of noise to sleep through. I think he deserves a reward for it. Less clothes for mommy because everything is dirty 2 minutes after I put it on so whats the point of putting on new clothes, just to have them dirty again. The up side to that is .......more laundry? Woohoo.

1 comment:

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