Monday, August 31, 2009

Reality Check

So I thought this morning, "I am super woman! I can handle taking 4 kids to the grocery store!" Well a 4,3,1, and 6 week old baby and I all got packed into the van and headed off to Shop-Rite. We actually made it through the entire store with no sore bottoms, no broken jars, and a full grocery cart. We get home in one piece and I unload the car. While I put away all the milk products, the baby is in the swing and the kids are eating lunch. I look around and think, "Yay! I did it! I am awesome!" Just then the baby starts to cry. So I clean up my 1 year old and put him to bed so I can nurse the baby in peace. As I go to lift my precious daughter out of the swing I realize she is completely covered in poo. I mean up the front, up the back, and out the sides. I run upstairs to start the cleaning process but I soon realize that the more poop I clean off the baby the more I get on me. By the time I am done cleaning up Chloe, I need a bath. At the end of this episode it took just as long to change and clean up the baby as it did for me to grocery shop. Maybe I am not super woman. Good thing kids dish out humility so cutely!

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