Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My peices of Heaven

Lately the most commonly asked question to me has been, "Are you done?". Referring of course to me having more kids. Why is everyone so concerned with my sex life? I mean honestly it is just a more polite way of asking, "Are you going to have unprotected sex again in the near future?". I would undestand if I had borrowed money from people to care for my kids, or if I complained about them, but I haven't. Besides I only have 4 kids, not 20. In the old days people had 12 kids or more and it was normal. Why did that change? The more kids I have, the more I want. After my first, I wasn't sure if I could handle more then one. When brooke came along and I saw how amazing it was to have two sisters being best friends, I wanted a million. I think after each child I have been able to enjoy life more. They teach me so much about life, about parenting, about being human. They remind me of what's important and keep me on track. Their innocence is my little reminder of heaven. Knowing that we were together before we came to earth and to remind me to be a better person so we can be there together again. Why wouldn't I want more of that?

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