Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My cooking Talents

So last night for family home evening, I decided we were going to make popcorn balls. I had this crazy idea that the best way to make them way to make popcorn from scratch. My mother-in-law makes it all the time, so how hard could it be? I called her for directions and I set off to make 3quarts of popcorn. I followed directions perfect, except for taking the pot off the burner, and since my stove is electric it stays hot for a long time. I lifted the lid and suddenly my eyes felt like they were on fire. I realized that what I thought was steam was smoke. I emptied it in the trash can and set off to make another pot. I couldn't give up that easy! Well, after the smoke came pooring out of the lid a second time, I was pretty sure that the popcorn was ruined. While I was cooking popcorn I was alos cooking dinner. So of course when John walks in from work he thinks his dinner is ruined and cracks a couple of jokes. Unfortunately my self-esteem is down in the gutter because who can't cook popcorn? Oil, kernels, and heat.... how hard could it possibly be. Then John comes up with the most brilliant idea, use the bags of microwave poporn from downstairs! Of course I thought of that but it didn't seem as good of an idea as making it from scratch. I did give up since my house had smoke pooring out the windows and used the microwave stuff, and after making the...sticky gooey stuff that goes on the popcorn I made some good looking popcorn balls. They tasted awesome even if the popcorn wasn't from scratch. And of course the idea of making popcorn balls with the kids didn't work because the carmel-like topping is extremly hot when its liquid and and has to be put on before it cools. Both kids burnt thier hands but not too bad. Maybe tomorrow we will try caramel apples.........

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