Thursday, October 8, 2009

Smell up my House Day

So today is officially "Smell up my House Day". No, its not really a holiday for me but more of a ritual I follow several times a month. I fill my house with every smelly thing I possibly can. Let me rephrase that.... every good smelly thing I can find. I love plug-ins, febreze, candles, etc.I really wouldn't care if they told me all the scented stuff in my house causes cancer. I need my smellies. I go around and strip down all the beds. Then I spray each mattress down with either febreze or antibacterial spray and if that is not enough I put baby powder all over the mattresses before I put the sheets back on. I love the smell of babies! Today I even put fabric softener sheets under the sheets because I was out of baby powder. And the finishing touch is carpet refresher. Luckily my husband never says anything to make fun of me over my smell fetish. It really isn't my fault anyways. I inherited it from my mom. I am reminded of that every time I walk into her house and she has enough incense sticks lit to shame a Buddhist temple. That is on top of a plug-in in ever outlet, those nasty oil sticks my son LOVES to knock over, and tacky potpourri in bowls. Plus my mom bathes in her perfume to make sure she smells just as wonderful as her house. So this illness gets better with every generation. I don't really use perfume and I have never, (okay once) bought tacky potpourri. I do have to say I love incense, but only the real kind and not any funny scented stuff. Well time to go vacuum up my carpet refresher.

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