Friday, February 5, 2010

No more cartoons

I know at 25 i should already feel like a grown up and the little things shouldn't surprise me anymore. This morning started earlier then i prefer and when the sprout channel came on at 6, the bad mood started. I really don't like cartoons anymore. I can remember as a kid watching my shows and when an adult would come in and turn my cartoons off i would think," when I grow up I am never gonna watch these kinds of shows. Why do grown-ups like the news so much?" And now i look at the cartoons and think how can my kids go into such a trance watching something so pointless? I mean, I can't complain to much because they provide a welcome reprieve from chasing the kid, but I swear my cartoons were so much better. Whatever happened to "Fraggle Rock", or the good version of "My Little Ponies", or even the "Gummies". Instead they have "The Wiggles"? How creepy are those guys? At least Sesame Street isn't going anywhere.

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