Friday, February 5, 2010

Friendship during trials

All the hard times in life are made easier by having a friend close by. It was always better to start a new school year when you knew you had a friend in the class or a friend who saved you a seat on the bus. Getting older, it was nice to have a friend by you when you went to talk to the boy you had a crush on for the first time or when you had your first break up. Some people are lucky to have those life long friends from the sand box days, but most of us develope new friends for each stage of our lives. I remeber reading a story in a parenting magazine about how these two women became best friends when they were pregnant. They had all their birthing classes together, delivered their babies within a cuple days of each other and spent several days a week together before the kids started school. Then whent he kids were gone off to school, the women grew apart. They didn't have as much to talk about anymore and had very different opinions on how to handle certian issues with their kids. I though it was so wierd to her that two people so close could just lose their friendship. I have never been one of those people lucky enough to live in oneplace long enugh to have a best friend that I spent every waking moment with. But I have been lucky enough to have many great frinds who have been there for me and have done more for me then I could ever repay them for. I have also had periods of time where my closest friend was just my husband. And although I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful man he is, I havemissed having someone to have girl time with. Someone who understands what PMS really is, who wants to go get there nails done, or can eat chocolate with me on a bad day. They were periods of time when my life was changing so much and I experienced those same feelings that the woman from the magazine had spoken of. I grew apart from friends and when I was going through some hard moments, I didn't feel that they would understand how I felt. The hardest was when I had my miscarriage. It is so hard to explain to someone who has never had a child, how important the one that you lost was. How can they understand why it is something that you never really get over and why it will change you forever. It was at the moment that I realized I had noone to call who would understand how much I hurt that I realized the one person who would. I knew then that I married my best friend. He knew the pain, he cried with me, he knew what I was feeling without me having to say anything. One morning right after I woke-up to find the other half of my bed empty. When I went downstairs to find him, I saw John out back with a beautiful tree in a pot. He bought the tree as a our little reminder of the life we lost. There are so many different types of friendship and they are all so important to getting us through this life. I am so thankful for all the friends that passed through my life.

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