Sunday, January 10, 2010


This year Christmas was amazing. My parents decided to adopt a family of 12 for the holidays. The father had been laid off not long after suffering from severe health issues that left the family with huge medical bills. I was not raised in a large family, had a very small amount of extended family, and never really understood the workings of a big family. Besides getting reminded of what the season is all about my parents generosity, I also got reminded of the importance of family. It was quite amazing to see how the family all watched over each other. The older kids helped the younger ones, the younger kids were eager to show the siblings their new toys, and all but two children out of ten slept in the same room on two twin beds at my parents house... and liked it! I even found out that although they have a five bedroom house, they choose to use only three bedrooms. The family loves to be together. Maybe it was because of their situation or maybe becasue of how the family is inside, you could see their thankfullness for evey gift they recieved. I have always been judgemental of large families. They are not what I am used to and I truelly did not understand them. I guess I had a childish point of view and felt bad for the older kids who truelly do have to help raise the younger children. As a parent, I now get to see what a blessing that is instead of a curse. To see a teenage boy pick up his one year old baby sister, cradle her and take her to find some toys and play with her, stole my heart. What a wonderful father he will make some day not to mention the help he will give his wife. When I had my first, I remeber the nurse handing me the baby after she was all cleaned up and as she was lowered into my arms, I realized I had no idea what to do with a baby. I didn't know how to hold, talk to, bath, or care for a child. I am not even sure that I had held a baby since I was very little. As my daughter grew it was constant not knowing what to do. The kids of the family that I mentioned will all know what to do. What a head start into parenting that will be for them. Not to mention what a wonderful gift they have that each child has at least nine friends to be there for them. I realized this christmas that the greatest gift I have given my kids is each other. They will have the support of each other to make it through life. To cheer each other on. And isn't that christmas? The gift of life, love, and family. The true gifts.

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