Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I read this quote the other day that said you become an adult when you realize that you can not only accept the good consequences from your decisions, but all the bad consequences also. I think being adult means you realize that those consequences reach far more people then we realize. Our decions affect everyone around us, no matter how small it may seem. I think all of our adolesence we think "it's my life", "it's my decision", "let me make my own mistakes". But the truth is, we're not just deciding for us. We're deciding for so many other people in our lives. This week there was two young girls that committed suicide together, in our area, by walking out in front of a train. I am sure they realized that it would make their parents and family members sad, but I doubt they realized how many people it would really have an affect on. For one, the train driver. How helpless he had to feel watching these two young children walk out in front of his train and being completely helpless and unable to stop. I am sure that moment has changed his life forever. It will change how he looks at his job, possible how he parents his own children, and how he views life. And that's just one person. How about the students from the girls school. Each of their lives will be different because of it. Maybe it will stop another child from making a similar decision, because they will realize how big of a mistake it is. Maybe some of them will value their own lives more, and maybe others will value life less because of the confusion they feel. In my own life, i never realized how many people would be affected by my decisions. How I choose to treat strangers, may completely change how they go about the rest of their day. Maybe if I smile more and truly mean it, they will go home and treat they're family nicer. When i think of the small things that affect so many people, it makes me realize how important it is to make the right decisions.

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