Sunday, January 10, 2010

One piece swimsuits

I know it seems like the worst idea ever, but I tried on some swimsuits the other day. Because modesty is a very important part of my religion, not to mention I have the marks to show I birthed four children, I wear something that covers my stomache. At Marshalls, they actually had some really cute looking one peices. I thought I would try some on just for kicks and then I was reminded that my body was not built like everyone else who can wear a one piece. No matter what size I tried on, the section that was supposed to be on my chest was down right above my belly-button. I am not very tall, but I have a long body and short legs. So then I moved onto the tank-ini's. I could kiss the person who invented them. Beside the obvious fact that they fit so much better, how awesome is it not to have to pull your whole swimsuit down just to go pee? Only one more problem. Since my kids stole my rearend I need a small bottom, and also due to my kids I need a larger top. Of course most places don't sell them seperate, except the mall and then the swimsuit's price tag gets a zero added to the end. Can't win!

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