Monday, September 28, 2009

Relief Society Broadcast

Last Saturday night I attended a broadcast for the women in my church. It was so great to sit and listen to a message that really put into perspective the importance women have in the world and in the family. Sometimes as a mom I feel so helpless listening to the news and hearing about the countless children in the world who are abused, neglected, or exploited. It hurts so bad thinking there is nothing I can do to help ease their pain. I hurts seeing the hate that is in the world and the way people treat each other so poorly. I mean my outlook on life has really gone down the tubes. But hearing the messages like the ones I heard, remind me of what my role is. It is my job to raise my children in love and teach them how to treat others. Teach them the importance of having Christ in their hearts so their actions can make the world around them a little better. And if every mom could have such pride in their role in their children's lives we would have a better world. The talks also reminded me that it doesn't take huge acts to change a life. Its the small things that make the difference. For all the women who don't have children, the message was the same. One woman can make a huge difference in so many people lives. They can teach, serve, and help in so many ways. In a world where most women, let alone a stay at home mom, is not really idolized, it felt good to hear I my job is invaluable.
But more amazing then all that is the part of the message that I felt spoke directly to me. That when we are at our lowest points, it is then that we should serve others. We we feel we have nothing we should give. Thinking of others instead of ourselves. How quickly our own outlook can improve when we serve others.

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