Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'll take the insanity plea!

I don't know why but in the last two weeks I have lost my mind. I mean I really do need a straight jacket and a cup full of blue pills. Between the 3 hours of sleep at night, surging hormone levels and life..... I can't say I'm completely surprised. I have gone from from a happy mother of 3 who every once in a while remembers she is pregnant when she bumps her stomach on some foreign object to crazy woman who need her husband to tell her to do SOMETHING with her hair, who knows what her toothbrush is for but doesn't have time to use it, who cries at commercials, and who is stuck on volume level 30. At least I am making an honest attempt at getting dressed everyday. To make myself feel better I do have to say that the last 31/2 weeks of my life have been insane. We have been trying to refinance our house for a little while. Because property values have dropped so bad here we were pretty positive that we had no equity in our house and would never get approved for the refi. And we really need it because it will make about a $400 difference in our payment. Before we could get our house appraised though we had to fix up our only full bath. Although I only wanted it repainted and presentable it turned into my bathroom being gutted. Yes I could see the insulation in my walls kind of gutted. So instead of a few days inturned into a few weeks. And since this was our only bathtub we all bathed in the laundry room sink for those 3 1/2 weeks. To make matters worse our second bathroom is only 2ft x 3ft. 5 people trying to brush their teeth in the morning was a parade. And because after 3 kids we're broke, my husband and my wonderfully anal german father-in-law did the work which of course presented daily problems. To make it all even better, all the work was done around my husbands work schedule which is 12 hour shift work, which means I had no husband for 3 1/2 weeks. All time home was spent in the bathroom. I truelly fet like a single mom who lived in the dirtiest house ever because construction work is nasty and no matter how many times I vaccuumed, it was there. And my kids didn't nap because daddy and pops are banging new holes in the walls and cutting tile and pops is using four letter words right and left. The bathroom of course wasn't finished until 12 hours before the appraisel so we spent the whole night cleaning house. Oh and by-the-way, our appraisel came back way higher then expected (because of my awesome bathroom) but the bank decided not to honor the rate-lock we had and of course interest rates have been climbing the last 3 weeks. I hate incompetent people. I just want to sign the papers and be done. Thank goodnes for my new soaking tub or I think I would have been checked into the local psych ward already...

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