Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What was I thinking..

So I am really prego now and have at least 6 more weeks to go. I am nauseous again and have no appetite. I am not sleeping more then a couple of hours and my hips are popping out of place every time I move. I can't breathe and I am trying to keep up with two crazy girls and a newly walking 1 year old. All I want to do is sleep and curl up in a bawl. I feel like such a horrible mom. Between this pregnancy, My last one and the miscarriage, I have been prego for 19 of the last 24 months. I am getting a separate bed from my husband. I need a break! I love my kids but this is crazy. I have enjoyed watching them rub my belly and trying to feel for the baby. Yesterday the little girl inside me went crazy. My whole belly shook for like 5 seconds. Brooke was cuddling me at the time and felt it. She never moved but her eyes went wide open and she looked at me like "was that normal". I told her the baby was so excited she was laying with us that she was doing a dance. Brooke loved it. Natalie is so proud she tells everyone about how she's getting a new baby sister and that she is going to help mommy. Poor John Micheal wants to be held right now when he's teething but 33 lbs on my 20 pound stomach is too much for me. So we hang out on the floor a lot. I am so excited to see what this one's going to look like. Just a few more weeks.....

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