Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Vacation

So my summer so far has been beyond crazy and not at all a vacation. To make everything all better, John took us away for the weekend to the Jersey Shore. I am sure his intentions were awesome, but three kids 4 and under in the same room as mom and dad = no sleep for mom. Not even the usual 3 hours. My son does not sleep in a pack-n-play because he is huge and the youngest of the two girls was kept up. My in-laws came to the beach with us and kept my oldest in the room with them but I knew my mother-in-law wouldn't listen and would bring Natalie to bed with her. Usually this isn't a big deal but my daughter is the craziest sleeper you'll ever see. She yells and screams and kicks and it is rather disturbing. I knew my mother-in-law wasn't going to be able to sleep because of it so I didn't sleep because I felt so guilty. Of course I was right and neither of us slept. Even with all that, the hotel was great and the beach days were wonderful. John still doesn't understand why I didn't sleep but that's coming from a man who would sleep through a train wreck. It was our only chance for a vacation this summer with a baby due in few weeks so I am glad we went. The picture is my family minus me. I am always behind the camera. Maybe at 8 months pregnant this is better...

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