Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Breastfeeding moms Kicked out by the mall cops

Local moms Were Harassed by Security for Breastfeeding at the mall
                    When I saw this article appear on  Facebook and that it had happened at my local mall, my first reaction was to get angry. I have never attended a nurse-in and I am not sure I ever would, but I do appreciate the efforts of those who are trying to make nursing more normal. I guess for be its not so much about wanting to nurse in public, but feeding my kid when they are hungry without having to hang out in a bathroom. I prefer to do it in private! But neither of our malls has a nice room where a mom can sit, not next to a toilet, have privacy and not have to leave the mall when they baby cries for food. I would never whip out my boob. I always cover up and look for a private place, but if another mom chooses to feed in a different way I don't think they should be treated like it was a vulgar act.
                   As a mom, I can't just not be able to feed a baby because somebody thinks that breast feeding is offensive. I have seen a lot more offensive things happening in a mall. No one calls the mall cops on the teenage boy with his pants around his knees for no good reason, or the girls with skirts so short I can see they are wearing a thong when they bend over. That is gross and offensive. Even obscene. But it's considered "normal". Breast feeding should be too. I don't know any woman who doesn't prefer a quite private place to put their feet up and nurse, but that's not usually how life works out. A woman shouldn't be punished for choosing to not use a bottle, which is fine to use anywhere. 
                I have ALWAYS kept myself covered up and always put others feelings first when I nursed. I have nursed in tons of bathroom stalls just to keep my nursing private. That's just how I am. I just don't think that a mom nursing a baby is something that should have been handled by cops or that the women should have been asked to leave. Society can't say it bothers them to see it when a mom nurses but it is perfectly fine when they walk out to a food court and see all the half dressed people hanging out there, or walk past Victoria's secret and have to see a 12 foot tall poster of a woman wearing nothing but a thong. 
               I think the real problem is that people can't separate the sexual nature of breast vs. feeding a baby. It's just that. Feeding a baby. It shouldn't be made into anything more. We are really the only country that makes it such a big deal. Like I said, I am always respectful so I don't make anyone else uncomfortable..... Which usually leaves me in very uncomfortable places to feed a baby. Often feeling like I was being punished for nursing. Which is ridiculous. I really shouldn't have to feed a baby in a public bathroom or run out to my car in the middle of shopping, or hide behind bushes at the zoo. I use a cover. That should be good enough. If people were more respectful on both sides it would be a lot easier. No nursing mother should just whip it out. It's still a breast.

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  1. You posted on your blog!! Just wanted to say I 1000% agree.