Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The most annoying questions...

I have 5 kids..... yes, 5. I know to most sane people in the world that sounds like a lot, but to me, it's just a number. I have crazy days filled with way more laundry then I care for, weekly grocery store trips, and a dishwasher that never stops running... but doesn't every mom? No matter how many kids you have, your schedule is full of things to do to take care of your family. To me, 5 kids is my normal. So it really bothers me when I am out running my errands and I get asked, at least twice, "Are they all yours?"
Really? Do you really think that I am volunteering to take the neighborhood kids with me to to see my daughter get an x-ray? Maybe your suggesting I am sponsoring an educational field trip to Walmart? Or do you think I am collecting these kids from unfit parents around the store? Possibly you think the mall has a new daycare facility and I am taking the kids for a walk?
Almost worse then the stupid question is the blank stares I get as people stop what they are doing, count my kids and then just look at me.... "Yes....?"
It's 5 people, not 50. 5 well behaved, loveable, and cute kids, and unless I ask you to pay my grocery bill, don't give me the "holy crap" stare.

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