Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Smoke Free

So I was all for the smoking bans in public places. I mean did they really think it worked to just have us on opposite sides of the restaurant and that somehow the air would clean itself before it got over to the non-smoker side of the building? No. But now, even though they go outside, I have to walk through the smoke to go inside and then back through the smoke to leave. I hate it. I smell like smoke the whole time. Plus to top it off, I have to walk my kids through it. I think the next time I actually have the money to take the whole family out to dinner i am gonna get gas masks for the kids to wear as we walk past the smokers. Maybe they will be offended but.....I didn't ask for cancer, and how many thousands die each year from second hand smoke? And besides all the breathing it in stuff, now that everyone smokes outside so much more, I swear the gutters are completely full of cigarette butts instead of just half-way. Why do people think that is okay, to just throw trash on the ground? I am sorry if this comes off as rude.... but no I am not really.

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